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Trending Stuff To Look Out For In 2018

1. Geometric Shapes

A design element which has been around for quite sometime now and won’t phase away anytime soon. The use of shapes to create designs will continue to be a major factor in 2018. The geometric designs that will pop out the most will be ones that are combined with other popular design elements and something that is unique.

2. Simplicity and Clarity

You could argue simplicity's offshoots include minimalism, black and white logos, and those with framed texts, which we've also seen a lot of. In noisy, confusing times, the trend towards making things neater and simpler looks set to continue.

3. Uppercasification

This trend is perhaps based on principles opposite to simplicity. In noisy, confusing times, you could argue that it's necessary to be noisier than everybody else. At least, that's how logos created in all uppercase can appear.

But done well – usually when paired with a simple design and a smart typeface – it gives a logo a certain authority. Done really well there's a quiet, understated authority to uppercase logos, with the typography feeling natural rather than forced and shouty.

As a trend it's a bit of broad stroke, but an unavoidable one nonetheless, seen in redesigned logos in 2017 by brands such as Calvin Klein, Giraffe, Ebury and too many others to mention.

4. Modern Retro

Formula 1 recently unveiled its first new logo in 23 years. The design, led by Wieden + Kennedy London, aimed for a "modern-retro feel." It's dynamic, and a bit masculine, like the sport, but it also has a real 80s feel.

You can see the idea of modern-retro logo design in new logos for brands such as SYFY, Fanta, and Nintendo. Again, you could argue that this trend is a sign of the times. With so much change going on around the world, brands want to tether themselves to the familiar, even when making a change of their own.

6. Evolution of established logos

"It’s an evolution, not a revolution," said Christopher Bettig, head of YouTube’s art department, after the brand changed its logo in 2017. The new YouTube logo incorporated the already iconic play button and moved the emphasis off the "Tube." Aside from that, subtlety is key here.

Evolution not revolution was seen elsewhere in 2017 logo rethinks by similar brands. Pinterest's new look is a good example. But Dropbox had it both ways, with the evolution of its logo and a controversial revolution of everything else.

7. Flat design

When we looked at the best logos for startups in 2017, one trend stood out: among these innovative new companies, flatness ruled where logos were concerned – check out the designs for Mush, Monzo, and Uniplaces, for example.

Perhaps the best use of flatness in 2017 came in the redesign of Audi's logo. The car manufacturer has always been switched on when it comes to branding and advertising, and this update is no exception. Not only is it flat, but it's simple, modern-retro, and an evolution, not a revolution. Vorsprung durch technik indeed!

8. Typographic trends in motion graphics for 2018

The 2018 design trends keep on coming. We've already seen the logo design trends that are set to influence the next 12 months. But what about typography – or to be more specific, type used in motion graphics?

Well, wonder no more. StudioBinder – a maker of video, photo, TV and film production management software – has created a video that showcases some big typographic trends to expect in motion graphics for the year ahead.

To get an idea of how type will be used in video this year, StudioBinder combed through the best uses of text found in films and programmes in 2017. These include the title sequences for shows such as Top Gear and Stranger Things, among other creative examples.

As we watched this video, we were struck by just how many uses of type in motion graphics pass almost unnoticed. Perhaps that's an indicator of how audiences have become used to more sophisticated typographic effects in their media.

See for yourself how typography in films and TV has been used in innovative ways – and the predicted text in video trends for 2018 – in the StudioBinder video, below.

Over on the StudioBinder site they look into these examples and explore what makes them tick. For example, by studying the Stranger Things titles, we can see that the show cleverly draws in the viewer's attention by containing visuals inside the lettering itself.

Meanwhile, some films and shows layer their typography and title graphics with 3D elements to help get across the mood of what viewers are about to watch. Others make the most of the lower third of the screen to flash up an information card that reveals useful plot and character information.



9. Lightwell

While many tools allow you to prototype apps without knowing any code, Lightwell actually lets you create mobile apps themselves. Available for iPhone, iPad and OS X, this clever tool lets you upload your 2D designs and turn them into interactive storytelling apps.

Aimed at designers, artists, students and creative agencies, Lightwell is the product of Hullabalu, a company that previously made a name for itself creating interactive apps for kids. Offering a potential quick and easy way to bring media and stories to life, Lightwell is currently free on the Apple Store and will reach the Google Play store in early 2018.

10. Laptop Trends

Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Smart, Fast, Portable, Stylish & Corporate)

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Razor Blade Pro

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These are the few trends we could mention round this time. More trendy stuff will be coming your way in our upcoming blogs.