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Facebook plans to add third-party apps to Messenger

Facebook Messenger is slated to get a big overhaul.

Mashable has learned Facebook plans to announce that it's opening up Facebook Messenger to third-party apps during its upcoming F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco next week.

Friday features a total solar eclipse, a supermoon and the spring equinox

The moon is about to block our view of the sun. It’s known as a total solar eclipse and on Friday millions of people in Europe, Northern Africa and Asia will have a rare opportunity to see, indirectly of course, the sun’s brilliant corona. If you're gearing up to enjoy it, though, there are some things you should know.

15 Real-Life Valentine's Day Disasters

For every devoted Valentine's Day fan, there are probably 247 people who detest it -- the hoopla, the pressure, the ick factor of a holiday all about the commodification of monogamy. Hating on Valentine's Day has become a near universal pastime.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 comes crashing down to Earth

Hammered by falling smartphone profits, Samsung is reportedly eyeing major changes for its senior leadership.

Samsung's sales for its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone came in well below expectations, moving 12 million units compared to 16 million for the Galaxy S4. So far, the Galaxy S5 has sold 40% fewer units than the company had anticipated. The shortfall was especially pronounced in non-U.S. markets and the company is scrambling to sell inventory that languished in warehouses, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

10 Hottest Design Tools You Must Try In 2016

A recent design tools survey conducted by Khoi Vinh, one of Fast Company’s “fifty most influential designers in America”, shows that Photoshop is slowly losing its popularity among designers.

Answers from over 4,000 participants hailing from almost 200 countries prove that designers are open to new tools that ease the process of conceptualizing, wireframing, prototyping and designing digital products.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest design tools you must try in 2016.

Kickstart your design creativity with these inspiring guides

Sometimes you can be so bowled over by a piece of design that you can't help but look at it and wonder 'how did they do that?' If you've ever experienced that sensation with magazines, you're in luck.

Microsoft bought LinkedIn; What it means for designers

This deal has a slew of interesting implications for designers and networking in general. One of the biggest possibilities for designers is the new advantage of sitting down with either leads or clients in meetings and being able to talk about relevant information with confidence.

Create fonts in seconds in Adobe Illustrator

Have you ever looked at a font and thought: “I could do that!”? Well, now you can—for a fraction of the price of professional font publishing software.

Fontself Maker allows you to convert your own lettering into actual fonts, right inside Adobe Illustrator CC.

What’s new for designers, May 2016
Whether, you're a newbie, professional designer or developer; Here's something interesting for you. Included here are website builders, new CMSs, CSS frameworks, pattern guides, color resources, email marketing collections, productivity tools, and much more.
Why half of developers don’t have a computer science degree

Last year, Stack Overflow, a question and answer site for programmers, asked its user if they had a degree in Computer Science (CS).

The results of the 2015 Developer Survey were startling. Nearly half of the 26,086 developers who responded didn’t have a computer science degree.

Does this mean you can be a programmer without a college degree? Simply put, yes. But the non-traditional road towards the world of programming is obviously a tougher one than if you had a CS degree.

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